Why should you shop for spices online?

Indian cuisine and its taste are popular all over the world for its delicious aroma, wonderful taste, distinctive color and taste. All of these combined together to make a great mix and it’s only found in Indian cuisine. The mystery of the delicious flavor of Indian food is its valuable spices that are used for millions of years and propagate all over the world. 

South India best masala is available on Aachi masala website for online purchase. Aachi masala is the number one masala company in south India that provides the all natural ingredient masala used in Indian dishes. Indian spices are popularly known for its taste, aroma and flavor. Each and every corner in India makes the dish with these ingredients to sustain the wonderful taste. Some of the major ingredients used in Indian foods are listed below and the ingredients available in Aachi masala.

Cumin Powder

The cumin is an amazing spice that has the ability to elevate the dish taste in   any Indian dish.  And also it is used in all variations of the popular garam masala. Cumin is known to be the best health ingredient for its digestive properties. It was known to reduce diarrhea and colic.

Fennel Powder

India’s close relationship with fennel doesn’t need any introduction. A number of our preparation is dominated by the fennel spice. Intense sources of nutrients such as  Potassium, Calcium , Vitamin C, Iron available and it helps to beat bad breath. Including blood pressure control to water retention, fennel seeds are packed with nutrients that need to be placed in your kitchen.

Coriander Powder

Coriander powder is utilized in a number of dishes. It is a primary requirement for most Indian dishes and it’s used in various forms like seed leaf and powder. Coriander helps to maintain a balanced digestive tract. It is ideal for nausea, diarrhea and indigestion.


Indians are known as the world’s finest flavored spices, and their attractive aroma adds tang to food. The true mixing of the spices was achieved in ancient times, making delicious food with a perfect blend of various spices.

In India, almost every dish is prepared with Chilli Powder, Because Chilli powder is the ingredient that increases spiciness as well as the color and taste. Vegetarian dish and Non-vegetarian dish both dishes use chilli powder as their primary ingredient.

Chilli powder availability is the important factor in Indian Kitchen. If you feel tired of purchasing ingredients in the stores, order spices online. Aachi Masala is the number one masala company in South India; they provide good masala South India.  In Aachi  Masala, two major Chilli powder is available , one is Red Chilli Powder, Kashmiri Chilli Powder.

Kashmiri Chilli Powder

Its pleasant taste, attractive color and several health benefits makes it an essential ingredient for Indian cuisine. It can be offered to children and to those who don’t like a lot of spicy food. Light on heat but exceptionally high nutritional value, Kashmiri Red Chili is a source of numerous health benefits.

It is rich in vitamin C that helps to create immunity. Vitamin C is also quite beneficial for the skin and the health of blood vessels. Best masala brand in Tamil Nadu only supplies the original Kashmiri Chilli Powder.

Red Chilli Powder

Dry spicy red chillies are processed to make red chilli powder. it ‘s extremely hot and is widely used in Indian cuisine. Chilli Powder is an international spice used to produce a spicy taste in food dishes. It has a substance called capsaicin, which is not just the cause for its spicy flavour.

But the explanation behind Capsaicin in red chillies is also considered to reduce inflammation and to serve as a regular pain control remedy.

Which immunity masala food is important to prevent Coronavirus?

Food contributes to a healthier life and the disease curing process. Personalized meal plans can be used to prevent and reduce chronic diseases.  

 Food ingredients used on a daily basis contain specific substances that give them medicinal benefits that can safeguard against diseases and help to slow down the effects of illness. Here’s a list of some medicinal ingredients to consume in the COVID days.

Visiting stores for purchasing masala products is a huge threat these days. So, Shop masala products online Chennai without the need of visiting stores.

Tamil nadu number one masala sells their masala powders in Aachi masala online site.  Aachi Masala offers a tasty and nutritious masala powder for individuals who wish to improve their wellbeing by consuming healthy foods.

Turmeric Powder

The compound contained in turmeric is recognized to have anti – inflammatory qualities that help to improve immunity. Turmeric is antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial, is also periodic and encourages the development of healthy bacteria in our intestines.

With all these benefits, especially against infections and their role in improving immunity, daily intake of turmeric is beneficial. Choose a high quality Aachi masala Turmeric Powder to get the immunity power.

Coriander Powder

Coriander powder is filled with antioxidants that have been shown to combat inflammation in the body. Surveys indicate that the Coriander contains many substances that may have anti-cancer, immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective effects. In these COVID days, Coriander powder is one of the finest choices of immunity improving substances.

Cumin Powder

The existence of vitamin C in cumin powder helps to strengthen the immunity system. It also has several antibacterial characteristics that maintain infections and diseases in check. It is necessary to add cumin in your meal to preserve the normal functioning of your immune system. It battles diseases and reduces the risk of getting sick.

How to prepare instant biryani?

Everyone loves to eat biryani, but they worry about making it. We don’t achieve the original taste of biryani, when we don’t catch the perfect masala for biryani. Indian biryani style has wide range varieties in all over the country.

Each biryani style has its own style and combination of ingredients. Purchasing best biryani masala is the easiest and suitable way to prepare the biryani for the people who don’t know about making biryani. 

A great blend of spices required to make the great Biryani. Biryani masala powder is a main ingredient in a traditional Indian kitchen. Biryani made with a mixture of rice and vegetables, the biryani masala powder gives strength to an aromatic and tasty Biryani that steals everybody’s minds.

While biryani masala powder is widely available in Aachi masala online site, this delicious biryani masala product will quickly outperform all of these. To get this delicious masala , visit Aachi masala online site.

Aachi masala biryani masala is a mix of spices that are lightly treated and powdered based on the best biryani masala making requirement. Used exclusively for biryani, the masala powder not only brings the taste, but also it is filled with slight aroma that is needed for the perfect biryani .

The combination is comparable to garam masala that indicates hot spices.  If Aachi masala biryani masala is used in the correct quantities, you’ll get the    tasty aroma and over-flavor to a specific dish. Aachi masala provides biryani masala powder in online like a secret ingredient that makes it distinct from the others.

When biryani is placed in the main dish, we are ready to make the side dish. Chicken 65 masala online sale creates the simplest form of shopping. Buy Kadai chicken masala to cook the hot and tasty dish that is served with biryani. If you want to eat the crispy chicken, buy chicken lollipop masala.

Why is Aachi chicken Biryani Masala so tasty?

Biryani is the only food in India that doesn’t need any introduction. Because biryani is the celebration of life, it enhances the occasion with the unique stand towards the people.

The delicious aroma, colour combinations, grained rice and extremely addictive curry flavors, make it one of the quite famous Indian dishes called biryani.

To achieve the original taste of chicken biryani, it must be prepared in the best biryani masala. Selecting the best biryani masala is not a difficult task. Because,

Aachi Masala has a variety of biryani masala and it gives an authentic level of taste and flavor in biryani.

Tamil nadu number one masala offers the traditional style biryani masala and it helps to finish the people to finding the best biryani masala.   Chicken biryani masala in online sale creates the simplest form of shopping.

Reason to Purchase the Aachi Chicken Biryani Masala

Taste of biryani

Biryani is a cuisine that covers all over the country without compromise. The ingredients used in Biryani and the cooking method distinguishes biryani created in India from anyplace else in the world.

India is a nation of spices, and it makes a major contribution to the taste of biryani.Aachi chicken biryani masala carries the flavor of the spices used in Biryani. So the taste of biryani that is made by good masala company tamilnadu in Aachi masala holds the same taste.


Ingredients have the chance to create and destroy the taste of biryani that shake the people. Great cooks face the critical situation, when the ingredients used in biryani is second rated quality.

Aachi masala uses the first class quality ingredient that makes the ordinary dish into an extraordinary taste. If you want to cook the dish with restaurant style taste and flavor, you have to pick the Aachi Chicken Biryani Masala. 

Chettinad Biryani in Aachi Masala There is taste?

In India, One dish that doesn’t need the introduction or health benefits but everyone knows the name of the dish is none other than Biryani.  India gives numerous traditional dishes,

but one of the dishes that Indians unanimously voted to indulge in is a mouth-watering biryani.

If you visit any region of South India, they have their own and tasty variety of Biryani. All the biryani varieties have their own taste that shows paradise.

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Combination of spices and ingredients only changes in biryani, but the change shows a different variety of the taste. If we spoke about the biryani, we have to spend our lifetime discussing its taste, ingredients used in the dish and its speciality.  Chettinad Chicken biryani is one of the famous biryani served in South India.

Chettinad chicken biryani is earning popularity because of its aromatic and eccentric flavour. It belongs to Tamil Nadu’s favourite Chettinad cuisine that is renowned for its spicy variety of non-vegetarian recipes.

As a main dish Biryani is good and tastes the best when paired with any form of gravy. First of all, the speciality of this recipe is Tamil Nadu’s seeraga samba rice used in this dish that is aromatic and perfect for biryani making.

Aachi Chettinad Chicken Biryani Masala

Indian variants having developed into unique biryanis types, some of the dish has failed to achieve the original when it comes to experiencing this flavouring melting pot, because of wrong biryani masala.

When we find out the best Chettinad chicken biryani masala, we easily solve this failure. Aachi Chettinad chicken biryani Masala provides the original taste of that biryani.

So if you’re a die-hard fan of this delicious Chettinad Chicken Biryani, but you don’t want the hotel food just take the Aachi chicken biryani Masala to prepare your favourite item. 

You don’t have to visit the store to purchase your masala, now chicken biryani masala powder online sales available in Aachi. 

How many types of spices are there in Aachi brand?

 Indian cuisine integrates a variety of practices in tradition old from all over the country.  Using these traditions, Indians produce stunning cooking is almost a divine act. Definitely, studying Indian cuisine can significantly extend your range of cooking.

Aachi masala has all type spices masala from the North India masala to South India best masala style. The following spices are the essential ingredient in all Indian dishes. Aachi masala brand displays the selective quality ingredients in their site and they stand as the number one Masala Company in Tamilnadu.  


Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is fascinating because it has a slight taste in any dish. The presence of Turmeric’s flavour is still distinctive to make tasty cuisine. More than a taste, the main value of the turmeric is its healthy and colour benefits. Turmeric is an antibacterial and antioxidant that assists for heart disease, depression and arthritis. Usually, turmeric is added as the powder in gravy.

Red Chili Powder

Indian red chili is a base spice with a hot taste. Red chilli is added as a powder and raw chilli in Indian dishes to make the spiciness. Chili’s red flavour gives the attractive colour in the dish and that not like pigment. Red Chili is the Natural pigment without any harmful chemicals and it’s added slowly at the end of the dish preparation.


Garam Masala Powder

Garam masala is a blend of many spices like pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, coriander, pepper, and some others. It is the key ingredient of many cuisines in India, this masala holds a special place in cooking. Because garam masala makes the normal dish into the aroma, flavourful and tasty one.

Which is the best sambar masala brand?

 Indian vegetarian recipes give tough competition to all the non-vegetarian dishes and stand for a separate role in foods.

One of the favourite and most widely prepared dishes in India is Sambar. Sambar is usually made of pulses. Dal is a very great origin of vegetarian protein.

Vegetarians and vegans meet the shortage of choices when it comes to proteins. Including eggs, fish and meat out of the table, sambar will prove to be an efficient and tasty source of protein. The quality of any sambar significantly depends on the sambar masala used to prepare it.


In comparison to proteins, the pulses used in sambar are also high in fibre. Sambar contains a number of vegetables that are high in fibres and antioxidants. Modern sambar recipes are made with vegetables such as drumsticks, pumpkin, brinjal, okra, tomatoes and several other fiber-rich seasonal vegetables.   High fiber foods are good for the heart and cholesterol. Aachi masala products are known as good masala in south India.

Sambar Powder in Aachi Masala

Sambar powder is a mixture of spices used throughout India, particularly in the southern regions. As the name indicates, it is used to make Sambar, a vegetable mixture and cooked lentils flavoured with tamarind pulp and Sambar powder.


Aachi masala has the variety of masala powders that match the traditional taste of Indian cuisine. It is eaten with rice or dishes such as dosa, idli and vada. Every state in South India prepares it with a traditional variety, suited to its taste and its surroundings. South India best masala supplies the best sambar masala powder throughout India.


Similarly, each family has its own Sambar powder formula, with ingredients in proportion to the degree of spiciness that they prefer.   Even so, the existence of ready to use Sambar powder has made Sambar preparation easier and quicker these days.

Sambar powder may also be applied to curries, vegetable recipes, soups or stews towards the end of a meal, giving the meals a traditional South Indian flavour.

Simple Steps to make Pani Puri in Aachi masala


People could be likely to experience countries and try their popular street food, but we guarantee the taste doesn’t suit the taste we are going to have in the street food of India. As varied as the region, there are many cuisines, each with at least one specialty of Street Food.  Street food is a part of every citizen’s life who lives in India.

  Pani Puri is one of the popular and favourite street food or snack items in India. This snack is enjoyed by children and adults alike. No one would think the crispy puris are packed with potatoes, moong sprouts and chickpeas, then poured with spicy chilly masala water and eaten gives the heaven taste.  

Pani Puri is a tangy and minty street food dish and this is the perfect choice for all the mood swings.  Pani Puri is the most loveable street dish by Indian people that gives the best taste when eaten in roadside shops. 

To eat the Pani Puri, road side shops are not the only choice to pick up. Now Pani Puri is very close to our Kitchen with Aachi Pani Puri Masala. Aachi Pani Puri masala gives the original taste of Pani Puri that is available in every corner of India. Making Pani Puri at home is both hygienic and economical.

Aachi Pani Puri Masala

Dry mango, Black salt, Mint leaf powder, Coriander powder, Cumin powder, Black pepper, Fennel seed powder, Salt, Bishop’s weed, Asafoetida, Dry ginger, Citric acid are mixed to make the best Aachi Pani Puri Masala. South Indian best masala company provides the Indian best snack. 

To make the Pani, Grind mint leaves, green chillies and sour lime made into a paste with water and salt.  Then Aachi Pani Puri Masala with this blend to chill, strain and eat with stuffed Puris. Boiled and smashed potato, onion and garam masala mix with Aachi Pani Puri masala gives  the best taste of Pani Puri

Which spice brand is best in an online store?

The variety of spices used in Indian food can be surprising and confusing for new Indian food cookers at home. Because Indian cuisine is not just two ingredient mixing dishes. To reach the original level of taste in Indian recipes, some regular ingredients and flavour are increasingly added to dishes.


Earlier, spices were prepared in a unique way at home in our grandmother’s period. Then Spices Company made the best south India best masala into pockets for people.


People purchase their spices in stores and supermarkets. Purchasing in stores is not simple and easy. It is one of the most stressful task to roam around store and waiting in line.


When people get their things in their doorstep is the most joyful matter.  Many people now turning to online shopping in their search to find the perfect things with the convenience and endless choice.


Spices enter into the online shopping world to make users work simply with the number one masala company in Tamilnadu. Aachi masala is the most popular spice brand, now they display the all spice masala on their website for the customer to buy spices online.


Majorly Aachi categorizes the masala into two segments. One is North Indian masala with the traditional and original taste of north Indian cuisine to reach this original taste.


In north Indian masala, vegetarian and non-vegetarian masala are available to prepare appropriate dishes.


North Indian Vegetarian masala have lot of varieties and different taste like Veg Biryani Masala, Chaat Masala, Chana Masala, Jaljeera Powder, Kasuri Methi,  Kashmiri Chilli Powder, Kitchen King Masala, Pani Puri Masala, Pav Bhaji Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala, Paneer Butter Masala, Pepper Powder, Rajma Masala, Royal Garam Masala, Sabji Masala, Sambar Powder and Super Garam Masala.


Masalas for Non-Veg Preparation is favourite for many people. List of non-veg masala is Tandoori Chicken Masala, Mutton Masala, Butter Chicken Masala, Egg Curry Masala, Chicken Lollypop Masala, Kadai Chicken Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chilli Chicken Masala, Malvani Chicken Masala, Meat Masala, Crispy Fried Chicken Mix and Chicken Manchurian Masala available for online purchasing in Aachi Masala Brand

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